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Ray Hansen began writing the Nina Steel Adventure series in 1988 under the pen name, Navar Lake, which he no longer uses. Banking on Torture was the first book written, however, pressure from friends and fans encouraged him to write a different opener to the series. This brought about the book, Ethnic Weapon. However, Mr. Hansen’s literary agent thought the title too strong, so it was changed to Reunion. Reunion, is now widely accepted as the first book in the series and was released in audio and e-book formats in 1993 along with Banking on Torture as an e-book. In 1994 Ethnic Weapon was produced, by Mr. Hansen, as an audio drama. Mr. Hansen hired four very talented actors; Mark Ulrich, Mary Peterson, Cathy Nash and Matt Penn all veteran actors from the Chicago Stage. Four years later, the highly anticipated third book in the series was released, in hard copy, under a great deal of hoopla due to the book's title, A Hamster in a Microwave. A landslide of mail from animal rights groups found its way to Mr. Hansen's doorstep. Their concerns were laid to rest, as the book has nothing to do with the microwaving of hamsters or any other animal.
Originally, the series was to be made up of eight books or episodes with each book having its own plot, but at the same time being part of a much larger story that encompasses all eight books. Yet once again, Mr. Hansen is under pressure to expand the series as a rapidly growing Nina Steel fan club is demanding more. He is currently working on the next book in the series, Defenseless. At this time, Mr. Hansen is not revealing whether the series will end with book eight or continue on indefinitely.
In either case, the readers of action/adventure can be assured that Nina Steel and her team of terrorist bounty hunters will be around for many years to come in this incredibly popular series.

Recently Reunion has been released for Kindle and Sony under the name Ethnic Weapon and his fourth book Defenseless should be on the bookshelves soon. All of his books are available in both electronic and hard copy additions.

Mr. Hansen is a Six Sigma manufacturing consultant and halves his time between the States and his beloved islands of the French West Indies, where he writes.

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