A Hamster in a Microwave: It should have been a straightforward investigation of an Arthur Steel Foundation employee who had been murdered in San Diego. Never in Nina Steel's wildest dreams did she think it would lead her to a head to head confrontation with terrorists so incredibly vindictive that nothing would stop them from achieving their goal--even if it means annihilating each other!
Once the terrorists realize Nina Steel is hunting them down, they attack her and her team with the ferocity of red fire ants. Except these ants have nuclear weapons! In the wild melee that follows Nina Steel makes a critical oversight and one of her genetically engineered counterparts is dealt a mortal blow. With all of this, it does not seem possible Nina Steel will prevail. To make matters worse, Dr. Betty Marsh, the genetic engineer who designed Nina Steel, has just finished developing a virus that could exterminate the human race and create something totally new to take its place.

In classic Ray Hansen style, A Hamster in a Microwave takes you on a rocket sled ride that leaves not only you, but the characters a little winded by the end. Every page builds the excitement at an unrelenting pace. Nina faces one deadly crisis after another and finds herself unable to save the life of a new friend. Never has Nina Steel been up against such violently cruel terrorists. Terrorists that think nothing of using a nuclear weapon to kill just one person. Furthermore, unknown to Nina Steel, Dr. Betty Marsh has broken all the rules and is working on super human technology again, planning to redesign every person on earth to create a totally new species. Can Nina Steel deal with these terrorists in time to stop Dr. Marsh? Or does Dr. Marsh already have the upper hand and will force Nina Steel to destroy humanity herself if she tries to stop the human redesign plan.