Lure of Death: Lure of Death takes you to a new level of international banking. Prominent bank officials are being kidnapped and then tortured for their bank's secret access codes and passwords allowing terrorists to gain entry through a particular bank's computer security system. Once past security, the terrorists can transfer money from any account in that bank to another account in any other bank, anytime, anywhere and in whatever amount. Genetically engineered Nina Steel leads her team into this mystery that begins with the most unlikely of objects...a fishing lure. The lure, with some strange characters scratched onto it, brings them face to face with heart stopping action, undreamed of terrors, an old enemy with an attitude and even a little romance. It also introduces them to four other terrorist bounty hunters. Three of whom are working together and hold the key to this enigma and the fourth, who is working alone, has her own deadly agenda. These four other spirited terrorist bounty hunters not only take on Nina Steel and her team, but are striving to confront the same bank robbing terrorists Nina is after. From running gun battles on the streets of Chicago to the hauntingly beautiful Caribbean, follow Nina Steel and her genetically engineered counterparts as they weave through a web of intrigue desperately racing a clock counting down to certain death while struggling to solve seemingly unanswerable questions. Can these other terrorist bounty hunters be trusted or is a final conflict with them inevitable? What if anything can be done to save the kidnapped bank officials from a tortured death and the worlds banking system from total collapse, or is it already to late.