In this fourth installment of the Nina Steel Adventure series, Too Easy is a galloping, dialog-driven hybrid between political thriller and sci-fi adventure that will both hold you on the edge of your seat and throw you to the floor with side splitting laughter. The novel's main characters are five "superbeings" Nina, John Monique, Mark and Romana who are genetically designed with qualities of beauty, strength, speed, mental prowess, and Romana's telepathic power, as was intended by their genetic designer Dr. Betty Marsh. As living examples of the human species reaching and surpassing its cumulative biological potential, the Five, as they are called, are a close-knit, anti-terrorist task force that are privately funded by the Arthur Steel Foundation. In addition to being living examples of the human species exceeding its evolutionary genetic potential, the Five as individuals are known for their intellectual achievements, humanitarian work and terror fighting exploits. The story, carried by near-equal parts narrative and character dialog, opens on an action-adventure staple scenario - helicopters airborne, passengers engaging in a firefight, soon followed by aerial high-speed pursuit. Aided by superbeing tech savvy, the Five manages a successful hostage rescue and simultaneous win in a helicopter dogfight with the terrorist. The sixty year old biological father of the three female superbeings - the rescued hostage, Boras, is another figure central to the story. Despite his life long professional experience as a high-profile, high-risk GRU field agent his stubborn nature lures him back into the terrorist's lair. In doing so he meets a female terrorist bounty hunter who seems to have the same goal, to discover the location of this new terror weapon. Before long, due to his free-thinking, faltering memory and misdirected tactics, Boras again finds himself a prisoner of the same terrorists. Not wanting to suffer the humiliation of a second daughter-father rescue while giving retirement serious consideration, Boras, more by accident, successfully escapes and by doing so discovers that two of Monique's friends and scientific colleagues, are terrorist hostages as well, complicating his escape. Meanwhile John, a well-loved figure and the more likeable of all the superbeings, suffers a grand mall seizure during a planning meeting to rescue the girl's father and put and end to the terror weapon. Leaving Mark behind to over see John's recovery, the three girls must set out on the mission alone. A ruthless well trained military, a search area of several thousand square miles and a horrifying secret are just a few of the challenges they will have to face in this non-stop adventure. Kindle will be released on March 10 2020 and the paperback on March 22 2020